Should you decide that the Solar City financing option is the best way for you to fund your panels and enter into the solar world, please follow the instructions below 

Solar City: How To Participate

Ready to register? Review these steps to getting your solar system installed...

Step 1: Register for the Halifax Solar City Program

Property owner registers online for the program

Solar city office confirms property owner eligibility

Step 2: Select a solar contractor

Property owner solicits quotes from solar contractors

When satisfied with solar contractor quotation and design property owner is to email solar city program office with selection

Step 3: Funding request and property owner agreement

Solar contractor completes contractor assessment for solar city program office review

Solar city program office approves project funding and forwards property owner Solar City Participant Agreement for review and signature

Step 4: System Installation

Solar contractor completes solar energy system installation

Solar contractor complete and submits a project completion report to the solar city program office

Step 5: Project Completion Report and close out

Solar city program office reviews and approves Project Completion Report

Step 6: Payment

Solar city program office reimburses solar contractor for work completed

Property owner receives a Local Improvement Charge (LIC) invoice and schedule of payments from the municipality


If you need more information, visit: The City of Halifax - Solar City