What is a grid-tied solar energy system, and why is it best for my home?

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A solar panel is talking to a wind turbine...

The solar panel says, "So what do you think about this whole renewable energy thing?" The turbine replies, "I'm a big fan."

This joke may have the “power” to make you laugh, but when it comes to choosing the right kind of solar energy system for your home, well then, that becomes a serious matter.

At Aztek Solar, we recommend a grid-tied solar system. We believe it will save more money through better efficiency rates, net metering, plus lower equipment and installation costs. Overall, a grid-tied solar system is generally cheaper and simpler to install. Allow me to explain…

The electric energy infrastructure in Nova Scotia is a network of power lines that connect the people who use electrical energy with those who produce electrical energy for them. Having a grid-tied solar power system means your home’s solar panel system is linked to the electrical grid of NS Power Inc. This is the most common type of solar energy system and fast becoming very popular in Nova Scotia since the setup does not require batteries.

In fact, there are three main factors that make this solar energy system attractive for your residential power needs:

  • Excess power generated by your solar panels can be transferred to the grid and sold to the provincial utility company that owns the electrical grid in your locale. Whatever amount credited to you can go toward reducing your power bill or even earning you income.

  • On cloudy days when your solar panel is not up to supplying all your power needs, you can rely on your electrical grid to supply what you need. This is what really sets it apart from systems not linked to the electrical grid.

  • Batteries are generally not part of this type of solar system setup. This eliminates battery maintenance costs and the need to buy new batteries every five to ten years, depending on how good the batteries are. These costs can increase your power expenses by a considerable margin.

The incentive of lowering your power bill — even eliminating it and earning money in the bargain — by getting a grid-tied solar power system is very appealing. At Aztek Solar, we understand going solar and choosing a grid-tied system is a serious decision. As a reliable solar system provider with experience and a proven track record, we can help make the decisions that suits your needs best. So, reach out now. Contact Aztek Solar today for a complimentary on-site assessment and learn more about the smart way to power your whole home or business.

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