Do Solar Pool Heaters Really Work?


If you’ve been listening to local weather lore, you’ve likely heard that 2019 is predicted to be another hot one. More reason to spend time outdoors, especially if you’ve invested in a backyard pool. And while your pool water temperature might be perfect during the peak of the summer season, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could enjoy your investment longer? Well, you can, with a solar-powered pool heating system.

Aztek Solar has installed many pool solar heaters in the backyards of Nova Scotia, and over that time we’ve encountered a few misconceptions about solar pool heaters, mostly discussed by people that have never installed or even seen a solar pool heater in action. So, this blog post will answer the most common question “Do solar pool heaters really work?” by addressing some of the myths of solar heating for pools - the ones that I keep hearing over and over again. 😊

Myth 1: Solar heating takes too long to heat up

I have seen it written, that a solar heater can only do 1 degree per day, to a maximum of 7 or 8 degrees per week. Well, I have to tell you, I've seen it add 7 or 8 degrees in a day! It just depends on how many solar panels you have, and how much sun exposure you enjoy.

Myth 2: Solar heating only adds as much heat as the outside air temperature

The theory here is that if it's only 22 degrees outside, you can only get the pool up to 22 degrees using a solar pool heater. Hooey! You can easily raise the temperature of the water to a higher level than the outside air. In fact, it’s common practice to boost the heat up before the sun goes down.

Myth 3: Solar heating only works on bright, sunny days

It works best on bright, sunny days - but even on overcast days, where the sun rarely makes an appearance, it can still pull some heat out of the air, on a warm day. But, if it's raining, or cloudy with low temperatures, running a solar pool heater is best avoided, as it can actually cool the pool. To remedy this, we install a solar controller to maximize the heat on cloudy days.

Myth 4: Solar pool heating only works in the southern hemisphere

Not! In fact, many solar heater panel manufacturers are located in Canada, a lovely part of the northern hemisphere. And guess what? Solar pool heaters work well in all regions of North America. Again, it all depends on how many panels you have and how much sun exposure you get. If you can put a number of solar panels equal to at least 50% of the pool surface area, and mount them in a southerly direction, you'll have more heat than you can imagine.  

Myth 5: Solar pool heater panels are ugly

To some perhaps, but to someone that likes saving money while saving the planet, those black mats on your roof are a badge of honor, and a real conversation piece. You can also mount pool solar panels out of sight, on the backside of the fence, or on top of a shade pavilion or pool house.

Hopefully, by now, you are convinced that solar pool heaters do indeed work. If you are thinking about solar panels to heat your pool, then contact me - Brian McKay of Aztek Solar –

for a complimentary, no-obligation on-site assessment. But act soon, swimming season is just around the corner!

Thanks for Reading!

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