About Us

Another day, another roof offers efficiency!

From our fuel efficient little red truck to our excellent products, we are a company committed to alternate energy sources and solar heating. Because we are passionate about our work, we use only the highest quality and most energy efficient components on the market. Even though we pay a premium to incorporate such high quality into our systems, we are still considerably cheaper than our competitors due to the fact that we don't have to factor in the cost of future repairs into our work. Check out our Solar Systems page to read about our efficient Solar Collectors, Controllers, Water Tanks & Solar PV.

Either use 'Get a Free Quote' button below or you can drop us a line via phone or email to schedule a visit from us to assess what we can do for you to get control of your energy costs. HRM's Solar City Program is currently open so make sure to check to see if you are eligible for funding assistance on your panels! Make sure to follow us on Facebook & Twitter to keep up to date on news, events and rebates. Also, please feel free to take a peek at our Testimonials page to see what other customers have to say about our work.

- Brian McKay, Owner & Operator